Are you on your life’s path?

Of course you are.

You are always on your path …

How you travel it is what makes all the difference.

According to Caroline Myss, author of the fabulous book:

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential, we all have a predestined path, our sacred contract that we are here to fulfill. How you reach your destination and carry out your contract is a choice you make every day. How you respond to the opportunities and tribulations you are presented with determines the outline of your path. It can be a rocky road or a smooth sailing.

Since it’s hard to understand your life when you are in the thick of it, most of your path will be visible to you only in retrospect. You don’t see the passages and stages while you are traveling them. For example, you may ask yourself whether to leave a painful relationship, yet something tells you to stay. It’s only months and years later that you can see how that phase in your life served an important purpose and how the lessons you learned then transformed you into the person you are today.


Life Path Exercise


Learn And Gain Insights From Your Past:

Look back to the time when you were a kid. What did you love doing? What kind of child were you? Did you spend your afternoons in nature building things and getting dirty? Or were you staying at home among your siblings and family? Did you get pleasure from reading books long into the night, did you love spending time with your friends, or were you the one daydreaming for hours on end?

Looking back into my childhood, I can see signs of things to come very clearly. My sister and I were completely different and we both started on our paths early on. While she loved spending time with her best friend, the son of a farmer across the street, roaming the fields, grooming and riding horses, I spent my afternoons listening to the latest hits and dreaming up a sun filled life of travel and adventure.

Today, many years later, I travel and make my home in sunny California while my sister loves her life in nature among her many animals.

When you look into your own life, can you discern the life path that was already in the making during your youth?


Learn And Gain Insights From Your Life Transitions:

Take some time to reflect on how you move through your life’s passages and transitions. Write your insights into a journal or notebook. Do you find answers through intuitive images or inklings? How do they show up? Do they come to you in dreams, comments or in books? Do you experience most insights when you are in nature – or under the shower?

How do you react to these signs? Do you welcome them? Do you ignore or even suppress them? Do you act on them and what happens as a result?

Understanding how you navigate the cross roads in your life will help you to become more aware of them in the future.

Fulfilling your destiny, it seems, is a lifelong mystery that unfolds one step at a time. By studying the path you’ve already traveled you’ll prepare for the road ahead of you.

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Photo Source: sushi?ina via Flickr under a Creative Commons License