ALIVE - A Practical Guide to Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart


Ever wonder what it would be like to feel fully ALIVE?

To know without a shadow of a doubt why you are here and what you were called to do?

Now you can!



More than 20 years ago, while walking with my two young children in a small, hillside town in Germany, I was struck with an insight that would change the trajectory of my life forever.

It was here, among the backdrop of serenity and beauty that I realized I felt lonely to my bones and suffocated in the wide open space of this remote village. It wasn’t where I belonged. It was not the life I was craving.

In ALIVE, I share the tools that helped me gain the courage and resolve to push past my fears and forge the path I was intended to walk – so you can do the same.


ALIVE - A Practical Guide to Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart


ALIVE is a groundbreaking book about self-discovery & passion.

It’s also a practical guide that’ll reignite your hunger for life and give you aliveness tools to help you find – and pursue – your calling.

In three easy steps, you’ll discover why you’re here, find out how to follow your inner fire, and gain the confidence to live your dream.

Get the Book.

ALIVE gives you the tools you need to find your gifts and personal calling.

In a step-by-step process, you’ll identify where you are stuck, remove roadblocks and create the life you always wanted but didn’t think was possible.

If you feel that something essential is missing from your life and are craving more passion & meaning, order your copy today!