Many people are unhappy.


Unhappy with a life unfulfilled, relationships devoid of love, and jobs that lack satisfaction.

It’s an unhappiness that comes from deep within, from living a life that is untrue at the core.

People tell me that they don’t know who they are, what their passion is, or how to find meaning in their daily lives.

Yet, the answers to your most essential questions are hidden inside of you. You won’t be able to find them anywhere else. Everything in your life is a reflection of who you are.

The first step in finding your own gifts is to accept where you are now. There is nothing wrong with not knowing, with being confused or even unhappy. Just know that it does not have to stay this way. Next, be brave, explore! Ask yourself some basic questions: If you could do anything and live any way you wanted to, what would you do? What do you yearn for, what are your deepest desires? Who do you really want to be?

If you sense fear creeping in right about now, and if your heart starts beating just a little bit faster, that’s alright. It’s a sign that you are alive and that deep down, you know who you are. You might just be afraid to admit it to yourself.

In his wonderful book “The Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho tells the story of a shepherd boy who leaves his country and his sheep in search for his personal legend. The journey takes him to a distant country and confronts him with many adventures. He discovers his strengths and learns to listen to his heart and when he finally finds his treasure he discovers that it was hidden right where he had started his search: back home with his sheep. While his treasure had been there all along, by looking for it he had found himself.

You may find that the same is true when you start looking for your own greatness: Your gift, your treasure, is already there. To see it you have to let go of your fantasies, the fairy tales and your illusions. It is the ultimate adventure, filled with paradox and mystery. In the end you’ll discover exactly what you have been looking for, however it will be much sweeter, deeper and much richer in experience than you could have ever imagined.

Enjoy the journey. You will make mistakes, fall down, and learn, but you can’t fail.

Nobody can take away from you what’s essentially yours, yet nobody can find it for you, either.

As always, thank you for reading.


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Photo Source: Doug88888 via Flickr under a Creative Commons License