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Make a difference in people’s lives helping them to fulfill their passions, find their purpose, and build lasting relationships.

Learn transformational coaching tools that will mark the beginning of a new life, a new career, and a new you.  

Travel the world as a source of inspiration to others.

Design a vibrant lifestyle doing what you love.

If this strikes a chord with you – if you have a knack for people and want to have a lasting impact on the world; if you wish to master a positive attitude towards life while building your own business – I’d love to show you around the Coaching Academy!


The Coaching Academy is a six-month comprehensive training program for students who are committed to developing their best selves, learning the tools of transformation, and making a difference in the world. The training is interactive, profound, and life-altering. It is leadership training, business training, and coach training all rolled into one.

Karin is your teacher from start to finish. She conducts all classes, offers personal support, and works closely with you throughout the training and certification process. By the end of the six-month program, you are able to start your own business, design and deliver small workshops, and coach people on the deepest level using the Coaching Academy’s signature cellular transformation tools. You will have mastered the art of positive communication and undergone a profound personal transformation.


Module One – Self Discovery

  • Your Values
  • Your Core Desires
  • Self Love
  • Your Mission

Only if you love yourself can you love others. Self-discovery is a requirement, not only for a good relationship with yourself but also for the one with others. If your self-esteem is strong, you are not concerned with getting your needs met or finding approval. You know how to take care of yourself and provide support and acknowledgment for the people around you.


Module Two – The Coaching Tools

  • Ten Cellular Transformation Tools
  • Role-Play
  • Practice Sessions
  • Training Tools

Learning and mastering the Coaching Academy’s signature coaching tools is at the core of the program. You will practice and receive coaching, learn how to set up small workshops, and master the art of reading people.

Module Three – The Communication Tools

  • Seven Positive Communication Tools
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Male / Female Communication Patterns

To communicate with others and to understand the spiritual level of communication, it is important to be efficient in the language of coaching: verbal and non-verbal clues, emotional agreements, body language, and facial expressions. By keeping your communication patterns positive you’ll be able to achieve happiness, gratitude, and lightness of being.

Module Four – Business Development

  • Business Design
  • Product Development
  • Sales & Marketing

Module four is dedicated to business strategy, business development, marketing, and sales. Together we will dig deep and finalize your business model and marketing approach. You’ll have an opportunity to design and test your products & services.


The Coaching Academy is a six months program consisting of 12 training sessions. All sessions are 2 hours long (they will sometimes run longer), taught by Karin, and held via Zoom. 

Training agendas, exercises, homework, and handouts for each session are posted on your personal Coaching Academy student page. Session recordings will be posted on your student page within 24 hours after the call.

The first 60 minutes of each class consists of lectures, dialogues, coaching demonstrations, business development, and Q & As. The second half is dedicated to practicing coaching.

You have the opportunity to work with real coaching clients (that we both provide – we’ll talk about this in Session One). You get instant feedback and guidance while you learn cutting edge coaching tools. You are encouraged to practice new tools in a safe environment.

For the entire Academy, we are coaching each other and clients. Each session is highly interactive. A part of every class is dedicated to business development and marketing. You will learn the 10 Coaching Tools for Transformation as well as 7 Positive Communication Patterns. Classes include homework and worksheets to use with your clients.


The Coaching Academy is a very personal approach to coach training. Karin is your trainer from start to finish. She conducts all classes, offers personal support between sessions, and works closely with you throughout the entire training and certification process. The program is honest and profound. Within the first few sessions, you see yourself as others see you. You glimpse your own true value in ways you have never perceived before. A new level of balance and ease allows you to establish a clear vision for your future. Homework is required. You are asked to provide recordings of your work with clients and will receive feedback on all course work. Once certified, you get full access to all tools and materials from the course to use in your practice.

    • Master and practice 10 transformational coaching tools
    • Read people on the deepest level
    • Learn 7 positive communication tools
    • Structure and conduct personal coaching interviews
    • Practice and deliver individual coaching sessions
    • Define your niche in the coaching industry
    • Set up your business
    • Student page with recordings of your sessions
    • Hand-outs of tools and access to instructional videos
    • Coaching Certification after completion of the program


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