While writing my holiday cards next to our lavishly decorated Christmas tree this afternoon, I had a flashback to a time when I was maybe ten or twelve years old, addressing envelopes to a mysterious yet fascinating pen-pal in California.

I vividly remember receiving her letters as well – decorated with US stamps and images of Mickey Mouse – each with flair of the exotic and promises of afternoons at the beach, palm trees and sun-bleached hair.

My life in our small village in the Black Forest seemed so inconspicuous by comparison and I wished I could live in that sun-drenched country on the other side of the world. It was a deep longing that accompanied me throughout most of my youth and this afternoon, as I was putting address after address on letters to friends, clients and family, I realized that I was living my childhood dream.

This is that place on the other side of the world where the summers never end and the skies are blue most days of the year.

I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. On many days my life doesn’t seem all that spectacular or extraordinary, it’s easy to fall into the familiar routine wherever you live, but in this moment the enormity of what had come to pass and the way my life had changed since that 10 year old girl had written to her pen-pal in California was breath-taking.

In that instance I was both, the girl with her dreams and the grown up in the here and now – and I wished I could have been there all those years ago and told my younger self: “Karin, your life will be amazing. You will travel, you will have friends all over the world and you will live on a street with a Spanish name lined with exotic palm trees. You too will spend afternoons at the beach, make wonderful friends and call it your home.”

What dreams did you have as a kid? Did you fulfill some of them? And what would you tell your younger self if you had the chance to go back in time?

Even more importantly, what dreams do you have for the future?

What if you could connect with your older self, the person you will become many years from now? What would she tell you? What promises are you going to fulfill?

Imagine her standing behind you right now with her hands on your shoulders, whispering into your ear: “Darling, don’t you worry, you will have a wonderful life. You will love and feel loved, you will learn and grow and be happy with who you are. You have so many things to look forward to, adventures to live and dreams to fulfill. I am here to tell you that everything will be all right and that your life will be rich and blessed.”

Isn’t that what’s going to happen?

Sending you blessings and best wishes for a magical Holiday Season.

With love,




A few years ago I read a letter that Simon Cowell wrote to his younger self on his 50th birthday. I thought you might enjoy it:  “A letter to my shallow, reckless, cocky younger self.” 


Foto Source: Martina K via Flickr under a Creative Commons License