It’s hard to see your life for what it really is.

It’s even harder to see yourself for who you really are.

You can look in a mirror and see your image, your outside appearance.

But how do you go deeper than that? How can you look right into your soul?


To know your own beauty …

you have to see how the world changes with you in it.


Do you know what you are adding to the world and to the people in it? Are you aware of the unique flavor you bring to someone’s life? Have you seen how a room changes with you in it? Do you know the vibe you bring to a party?

Listening to feedback from others to find your soul’s voice can help. Yet, sometimes people won’t be honest and tell you what you want to hear – or their feedback is tinted with opinions and projections.

I worked for a boutique once. One of our clients was a famous actress who with age had gotten heavy. To keep her happy, we were instructed to change the size tags in her clothes from a size 14 to a size 4. Food for the ego.

A more reliable way of understanding yourself – and your soul – is by observing the world around you and how it changes with you in it. Pay attention to your vibrations, the magnetic resonance you have with people, situations, places and activities: How you light up in certain situations, the aliveness you bring to a conversation, the energy you get from playing an instrument or the enthusiasm you experience when performing a specific task.

It takes a keen eye to read the clues just right. It’s like measuring the temperature around you: What impact do you have on the world, when is it warming up, and what impact does the world have on you?

The language of the soul is energetic. It speaks through your aliveness. The things that light you up resonate with your whole being, body, mind, and soul. They make you stronger. You want them in your life. The things that don’t bring you alive will make you weaker. Start to eliminate them one by one.

For one day, observe your environment and how it resonates with you. How are people responding to you? What do you add to a conversation? Be completely honest about your impact on others and their impact on you.

When I first paid attention to this, I realized that more often than not I was turning people off. There was a quality to my responses that shut them down. As a result, conversations stalled and people lost their interest in the topic at hand. I was shocked as I had never noticed this before and I slowly started to change the way I interacted with others. For the first time, I became consciously interested in what brought someone alive and what didn’t. It was a humbling and healing experience.

When your soul speaks, people around you get happier, more alive and more energized. When your ego has the upper hand, the world around you loses its magnetic attraction and gets dim.

Make a conscious decision to light other people up. If every time you interacted with someone you left them happier than before, how would your life change in the process?

Feel free to share your observations and thoughts in the comment section below or simply write to me. What’s your soul telling you? I’d love to hear from you.

As always, thank you for reading,



Photo Source: Vassiliki via Stock.xchng