You were born with a gift.

Your life has a purpose.

You have a craft

– an art –

that’s intimately yours. 

Call it your essence, your calling, or your inherent talent.

Finding it can be a lifelong quest filled with trepidation, doubt, and fear – as well as enthusiasm, passion, and wonder.

Certain signs along the way tell you whether you are on your path toward destiny or not. Below, I am listing a few to help you stay on track.


7 Signs You Haven’t Found Your True Voice (Yet)


1. You Can’t Make Up Your Mind …

… and always look to others when making important decisions. You need the reassurance of your best friend when buying a new dress or the approval of a colleague before giving a presentation.

Not knowing your personal qualities makes you insecure and doubtful. Trusting and understanding your talents gives you the confidence to move forward without repeatedly questioning your decisions.


2. You Keep Chasing After the Next Best Thing …

… and every time you get there, it’s not really what you expected. Sounds familiar? Not knowing your destiny leaves you without aim or purpose. It’s like buying a new outfit without a clear sense of what looks good on you. Once you know your direction in life, you will stay on your path without getting pulled off at every turn.


3. Your Friends Don’t Get You.

Being your true self is effortless. You don’t have to convince others of who you are, they intuitively get you. If they don’t, it’s possible that the path you are on isn’t the one you were meant to travel.


4. You Have Emotional Ups & Downs.

Knowing who you are gives you confidence. Not knowing your place in the world instills fear. Constantly wondering what qualities make you stand out is unnerving; it makes you susceptible to emotional ups and downs. Others appear to have their act together, however, you can’t seem to find yours. This causes frustration and creates a lack of self-esteem.


5. You Don’t Get the Recognition You Deserve.

Are you working exceptionally hard at what you do without getting the reward you deserve? Is it other people who come up with brilliant ideas and excellent new concepts? Do you keep banging your head against the wall without making any progress? If yes, chances are that you are working in a field that doesn’t match your talents. You may be good at what you do, but if you don’t receive acknowledgement and praise for your work, you might want to reconsider your career choices.


6. You Worry About Your Future.

There is certainty in knowing yourself. You trust that you are enough and you know that your skills will provide for you. Without being grounded in that knowledge, life becomes unpredictable and erratic. Not recognizing your unique skills fosters insecurities. You worry about your future and the events life has in store for you. Once you find your path, your worries will turn into anticipation and your fear into excitement.


7. You Care About The Opinions of Others …

… so much that you don’t have opinions of your own. You keep changing your mind about your preferences and are constantly influenced by what others say and think. Without a personal vision you are prone to follow other people’s ideas, and you lack the backbone to stand up to your own truth.


Are you struggling to find your true voice? What is keeping you from stepping into your own? Please share your insights in the comment section below or simply write to me, I always love to hear from you.

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As always, thank you for reading.



Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc


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