Let’s ditch New Year’s resolutions.


Since most people drop theirs before January is over, why not think about what’s really important to you and do that instead?

Ask yourself: What is so exhilarating a goal that it takes your breath away? What makes you go: WOW!!??

In his manifesto, 279 Days to Overnight Success, Chris Guillebeau writes that one of his goals is to read 50 books a year (Apart from traveling to at least 20 countries … oh, yeah, he is reading on the plane … and organizing big events). Wow! These are goals that get me excited. What a way to fall in love with your future.

What does that for you? What sets your heart on fire?

Most likely, it’s the goals you’ve talked yourself out of: Wearing frivolous red shoes to work. Finding that someone special. Leaving a job that doesn’t fulfill you, having a baby, asking for a raise, working less, sleeping more, drawing big colorful paintings, or throwing lavish dinner parties.

You’ve convinced yourself that it’s too big of a risk. You are scared. What if living your dream doesn’t work out? You could get your heart broken or look stupid; people might not like you.

I’ll let you in on a secret: People adore you when you live the scary and adventurous life they dream of living themselves. And, the fear will never go away.

You have to do what you love in spite of the fear.

That’s what keeps you alive and in love with your future. Doing the stuff that’s risky: Looking a handsome stranger in the eyes and striking up a conversation. Daring to get close to someone you love. Starting a project that you are dying to do. Having a big family. Writing a romance novel.

Most of the pain comes from forgetting how truly wonderful you are. From believing that you don’t have what it takes. Forget all the stories you have been told. They are only true if you believe them.

There is another story. It’s the truth of who you are. Sweet and loving. With a fierce belief that life can be all it’s meant to be. That the dreams and hopes you had as a girl can come true. And that the stories you told yourself then, can turn into your life now.

If I can wish one thing for you this year, it’s this: Dare to be you. Show the world the amazing being that’s hidden inside: talented, beautiful, awesome, adventurous, loving, sensitive, strong, gorgeous, bold, mysterious, wonderful, charming, wise, intelligent.

That’s how you fall in love with your future.


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – C.G. Jung




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Photo Source: Amanda Sandlin via Unsplash