What Are the Pieces of Your Puzzle?

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A Find Your Gift Exercise.

Do you know what makes you tick? Can you identify the activities that set your heart on fire – and are you integrating them into your life and career? Understanding your special gift is key in achieving success and happiness. If you want to live a meaningful life and are lacking direction, the following exercise will help you to find your purpose.


The Puzzle Exercise:


heart_puzzleOne of the reasons people fail to create electrifying lives for themselves is that they listen to their heads instead of their hearts when making life choices.

How do you listen to your heart? This exercise will show you the basic steps.

The first step in finding out what makes you happy is to identify the activities that light you up. To have more fun, make your life easier, and experience the satisfaction that comes from doing what you love, begin to engage in the activities that bring you alive.

To do this exercise, take a piece of paper and draw a blank puzzle. If you wish, you can print out the blank puzzle template I created for you to make this process easier.


What Inspires You?

Imagine that each puzzle piece represents an area of your life that inspires you. Let’s say, you are interested in photography and love taking pictures wherever you go. Every time you do this, you feel good about yourself, your energy increases, you get happier, and you feel inspired. This is one of the pieces of your puzzle! So, go ahead and write photography or taking pictures on one of the blank pieces.

Next, let’s imagine that you enjoy hiking and love being in nature. Turn these two activities into puzzle pieces as well.

What makes you forget time?

Keep filling in the blank pieces whenever you notice an activity that lights you up, something you enjoy doing that makes you forget time. This can be anything – traveling, dancing, cooking, entertaining, hiking, painting, etc.

Only the activities that increase your aliveness every time you do them qualify for the puzzle.

Once you’ve identified your puzzle pieces, sort them into groups such as projects, business ideas, your ideal lifestyle, etc. Since they are all based on what you love, the activities will be naturally fun and enjoyable and create fulfilling experiences.

By getting clear about what lights you up, you can start filling in the pieces of your life’s vision. 

The Puzzle Exercise is taken from my book ALIVE: A Practical Guide to Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart.  

To take your journey of self-discovery even further, download the first chapter of ALIVE by clicking the link below.

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This exercise is especially valuable if you are unclear about your passions and want to find your unique talents.

Good luck and as always, thank you for reading,


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Questions about the pieces of your puzzle? Post them in the comment section below or simply write to me. I’d love to help.

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