This morning I read Heidi Klum’s production notes from the 3rd season of Germany’s Top Model.

In her cheerful and straight-forward way she writes about the challenges the contestants are put through and how they reflect what it’s like to be in the modeling world. She makes it pretty clear that some of the photo shoots are quite rough and that being a model is no walk in the park.

What struck me were her comments about the contestants and how they individually dealt with the challenges at hand. One sloppy performance or one ‘little’ attitude and the journey for that girl could be over.

This got me thinking. Isn’t that how it works in the real world, too? In business or in relationships, do we always know what makes or breaks the deal? How do we find out if our performance is up to par or if our moods are getting in our way? I doubt most of the girls on the show noticed when they were losing it. If nobody tells you that you are acting moody, spoiled or rude, how will you change?

On the other hand, when are you letting people get away with their bad behaviors? Because, lets face it, being honest isn’t always easy.

Consider this: Are the people who are straight with us the ones who serve us the most? And are the ones who are always nice and conforming doing us any good?

What’s your opinion? Have you ever had someone give you honest feedback that changed your life? 

As always, thank you for reading.