Do you have quirks you wish you didn’t, weaknesses that are in your way of becoming your best self?

Do you have an urge to take things apart, climb the biggest obstacles, interfere, or make inappropriate jokes? Have you been called a troublemaker, a loud-mouth, or a control freak?

Have you tried to overcome those so-called shortcomings? Promised yourself you’d change?

What if your need to take things apart, your urge to turn mundane things into jokes, and your short attention span are not flaws but the way you’re brilliant?

What if instead of changing them you polish them and use them to your advantage?

True geniuses don’t let weaknesses stop them.

Most of us, unfortunately, are stoppable.

We let other people interfere with our dreams, listen to poor advice, try to fix our imperfections, compare our accomplishment to those of others – and in the process we lose our zest for life.

Stop overcoming yourself.

Be loud. Be messy. Interfere. Take things apart. Speak up.

It’s easy to stifle brilliance. It takes courage to let it run untamed.


Action Step:

For this exercise let’s imagine that you have a tendency to be over-controlling and domineering. In conversations you share your opinions without being asked, you tell others what to do, and you always have the last word. Maybe you are afraid others won’t step up or that things might fall apart if you don’t take charge.

What ever the reasons, to turn your habit of being over-controlling into a strength, do two things:

First, acknowledge that you are fast, furious, and frickin’ competent. (Aren’t you the one who instantly grasps complex situations and always sees what needs to be done?)

Second, step up your game. Find activities and projects that fit your level of competence. Instead of controlling mundane activities take on responsibilities that challenge you. Instead of micro-managing the people around you, find projects that require organization and control. Instead of playing it safe, take bigger risks.

In the process, your urge to control will transform into what it truly is, your greatness.

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