Lies don’t work.


We all know it and still, we keep using lies to avoid … what exactly?

Are we afraid others won’t accept us if they find out who we are? Are we ashamed to admit our mistakes?

Or, are we trying to protect people from the cold hard facts?

In most cases, lying to ourselves and to others is a cop-out.

“I don’t know how to do it.” Did you even try?

“People will think I am lazy.” Why do you care?

“I don’t want to upset my wife.” You just did.

What we forget is that every time we lie, we put others at a distance. People may not notice that they are being misled, but unconsciously they pick up on the unease it creates for you.

Making mistakes is human; your imperfections make you lovable.

Every time you try to hide your so-called weaknesses, you let others down. By making up a fictitious truth, you isolate yourself and create loneliness. And if people buy into your lies, it makes them stupid.

I admire people who tell it like it is. It is refreshing and bold. Honesty creates clarity, it brings people alive.

Truth inspires beauty. twit-bird

It sets things into perspective. It makes the world tangible and real.

What if the people in your life can’t take the truth? You won’t know until you try, will you?

My tip: give them time to get used to the more authentic you. They may feel let down or get upset at first, but in the long run, your honesty will give them the opportunity to be more real as well.

If they really can’t take the truth and accept you for who you are, they might not be your people.


As always, thank you for reading.



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