Today I have a question for you.


It’s on the topic of men and women – and what YOU think the secrets are men should know about women.

But first, let me back up. A few months ago I started a program called “School of Love”. I designed it for women who adore men and who want to tackle the issue of love and intimacy: How to find love, fall in love (with yourself and that special someone) and how to keep your love burning. Our meetings have been fun-filled with revelations, laughter and inspiration. Friendships have formed, students have emerged.

During that time, I kept getting requests from men wanting to find out more on the topic of love. “I want to understand women. Can you show me how?” they asked.

So, I decided to introduce School of Love for Men. And while I am preparing for our first event, I have to two exciting questions for you:


If You Are a Woman: 

1. What do you think men need to know about women? What are the secrets women won’t tell men?

2. What do you want from your man? What would make your romantic relationship utterly amazing?


If You Are a Man:

1. What do you think women should know about men?

2. What would you like to find out about women that you don’t already know?


As a thank you, and to make this process more exciting, I will give away a 30 minute coaching session to the person who sends in the most eye-opening and revealing answer.

Ready? Enter your replies here and put ‘What Women Want’ into the subject line.

If you feel brave and want to share your insights with the world, post them in the comment section below.

To get this started, here are my answers:

1. IMHO one of the secrets women won’t tell men is that we are much more sexual than we let on or get credit for. I believe that our world isn’t set up for women to have enough fun and to be turned on as much as we want to be. Too much stress and pressure, honey. Way too many rules …

2. As to what I want from men? To be adored and lavished, plain and simple. As Marilyn said it so well, “I just want to be wonderful.”

As always, thank you for reading. I can’t wait to hear it from you!



Also: I read a wonderful book this week that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to find true love: “The Birth Order Book of Love. How the #1 Personality Predictor Can Help You Find the One”.


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