Tired of being locked into someone else’s schedule?

Fed up with nine to five and ready to get your own signature out into the world?

While the internet makes it super easy to start a business and the temptation to do just anything for money is huge, it’s vital that you have this one key ingredient when starting out:

Your future business has to infatuate you, sweep you off your feet, be loaded with hot passion, and juicy chemistry. It must turn you on, light you up, and give you surges of excitement every time you think about it. Anything less than that won’t do.

Be absolutely fierce about this passion ingredient.

Being completely and utterly crazy about what you do, adds a level of excitement – and fear – that will keep you fired up day after day and will ensure that you build a business that is lasting and that keeps you engaged for years to come.

When it’s there, the enthusiasm, the excitement, and the sweet devotion, it will be nothing you’ve ever experienced. You will anticipate every single day of the week and eagerly await Monday mornings because your kids are off to school and you can get back to your projects.

How do I know this? It’s how it’s been for me and for many other entrepreneurs who’ve started businesses from dedication. We adore what we do and you can have the same. In fact, you have to insist that it’s no other way.

The best reason I know for going into business is to provide a product or a service that will make a difference in people’s lives. Something that’s missing from the market and that will make people’s lives better, their relationships easier, their jobs more meaningful and the world a better place.

Now, here are two common mistakes I see people make when going into business. Number one is doing anything just to make money. Be careful, especially when an opportunity promises very little work and a big return on investment. Any business requires hard work, time and dedication and if your passion isn’t there, you won’t create that irresistible attraction that makes having your own business so much fun.

Another mistake is to start a business doing something you are good at. Maybe your friends are telling you that you should start an accounting business because you are good with numbers, or that you would be a great personal trainer because you love sports. Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that it will inspire you enough to turn it into a profitable business. I am good at many things but most of them wouldn’t make me happy day after day for many years to come.

Once you find out what to build your business around, your life will be forever changed.

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