Having a rough time?

Not happy with the way things are going? Dreaming of a better planet and more pleasant human beings?

Here’s the deal: There’ll always be something in life to p*#@ you off. One way or another things will rub you the wrong way, disrupt the flow, disturb the harmony and trip you up.

Once you get rid of one source of frustration, another one will show up.

You can bet on it. It’s part of life.

The way I see it, you have two options. You can either get upset about life being unfair and cruel, or you can use the disruptions to your advantage.

It will take focus – and a great deal of getting over it – but it’ll make things so much easier. Trust me.

The secret is in using your anger to motivate you rather than distract you; to funnel your frustrations into reaching your goals instead of quitting and giving up.

I watched Serena Williams play the women’s final at the US Open a few weeks back and was fascinated by her raw aggression focused on the goal of winning her game.

J.K. Rowling is another great example. She wrote her first Harry Potter novel as a single mom living on well-fare. I am sure she had enough reason to be frustrated or down on life, yet she took her energy and put it into something she enjoyed, writing.

Consider this: People don’t make you angry. You, not fulfilling your needs, are at the core of your frustrations. Tweet it.

Every time you get upset there is something you are not getting. Find out what that is, really get to the core of it, and you’ll realize where the truth ultimately hides.

It’s tempting to blame others or life’s circumstances for things not working out. It can even happen to Serena Williams. There was a time in the final where she lost a few points and got distracted. Instead of taking her frustration and putting it back into the game, she started to blame the wind, the racket, etc. and lost her calm. It cost the second set, which was as good as hers.

Don’t let life distract you. Find out what it is you want more than anything and focus all your energy, every ounce of your being, on getting it.

As always, thank you for reading.



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