The One Thing I Don’t Like About My Job …


If there’s one thing that I don’t like about my job, it’s this: out of 10 people I work with, only two or three take the steps that are necessary to bring about the change they want to see in their lives. The others hire me, pay me, listen to me – and do nothing.

For a long time this devastated me. I wanted to make a difference for everyone. I wanted people to have fantastic lives, successful businesses, sizzling relationships, and kick-ass careers. So, I did what I could to guide my clients, support them, create projects with them, provide them with the finest tools, and cheer them on. The one thing I couldn’t do was taking the steps for them.


We are all afraid.


Most of us hurt, struggle, hold back, and fail to believe in our greatness. What’s also true is that every one of us has the power to make our dreams come true. You can create the change you so desperately seek, have a fantastic relationship, start your own creative enterprise, and build a life that you love.

I know this, because I’ve done it. And while the task was daunting and terrifying, it was also the most thrilling, exciting, and rewarding experience of my life.

Be honest with yourself: do you think you want more excitement, adventure, and wildness in your life, but when it comes to taking the necessary steps you hesitate? If yes, that’s totally fine; maybe all you need to do is enjoy what you’ve created. Not every life needs to be changed.

If you want – or crave – real change, however, you have to be willing to do what it takes to make that change happen.


Two Steps You Can Take Right Away:


Change Your Ways

Alter your routines & shake up what’s familiar: if you are always late, surprise people by showing up for a meeting early. If you constantly complain, find a more positive way to express yourself. Learn to appreciate your life and the people in it by pointing out what’s good about it.

To avoid falling back into negative habits, post sticky notes on mirrors, doors, your computer, or your dresser to remind yourself of staying positive. Make this an exciting game and do not, under any circumstances, believe your inner critic.


Change Your Looks

This is a fabulous way to mix things up: dress differently. Try out something new. If you normally wear flats, go for high-heels. Are black and blue your favorite colors? Dare to wear red instead. Try a new haircut, don different sunglasses, carry a more eccentric bag. As with everything, make sure what you do is fun and brings you alive.


6 Steps To Take Long-Term:


Develop a Burning Desire

Most people forgot what makes them happy. Discovering what lights your fire is a crucial step in creating change. Take your time to find out what you love doing. Everyone has a passion. Deep down you already know what you most want to do. Go on a journey to discover your true desires. If this seems difficult, team up with someone who can point you in the right direction. Someone who looks through your fears directly into your heart.


Take Bold Steps

Everybody is afraid. It’s part of our human condition and serves the purpose of detecting and protecting ourselves from real danger. Every time you set out to do something significant, fear intervenes. Find ways to outsmart your worries. Engage in activities and projects that are so exciting that the voice of fear becomes less insignificant.


Create an Action Plan

Knowing where you want to go and having the courage to get started are the first steps on your journey. Now you need a plan that will get you to your destination. At this stage, it’s important to have action steps lined up that keep you on track. Set the right goals. Follow the right instructions. If you like risk, take big leaps. If big leaps immobilize you, take baby steps.


Be Disciplined

Follow through. There will be moments when you want to give up and quit. Don’t. Instead, adjust your goals. The minute you stop, you lose your focus. At the beginning of the year, I resolved to write 500 words every day. After a few months, I realized that I had set the bar too high and that I was losing my motivation. So, I lowered my expectations and wrote every other day instead. This was much more doable and in turn I was happier with my results.


Be Supportive

Find people who support you. Whether this is your spouse, a friend, a coach, or a team of like minded professionals, these are the people who have your back. Support someone else in return and you might be surprised how much giving to others will empower your own life.


Enjoy Yourself

Keep things entertaining. If what you are doing isn’t fun, what’s the point? If writing starts to feel like a burden to me, I know it’s time to take a break. I go for a walk, I run an errand, or I make myself a cup of tea. Keep your life interesting by adding more and more of what you love into it. Dance, laugh, play with your kids, or throw a party.

If you have questions or want to share your ideas with me, please do so in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading.



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