I believe that strong chemistry is vital for intimate relationships.

I also believe it is the magic ingredient for all other areas of life.

According to Kelly Campbell, Ph.D., chemistry is a mix of non-judgment, similarity, mystery, attraction, mutual trust, and effortless communication. When nurtured, chemistry provides a bond that can sustain a relationship through times of challenge, conflict, and misunderstanding.

My husband and I had chemistry from the day we met. Actually, it already showed up the first time we spoke on the phone. I thought his voice was mysterious and sexy. He was easy to talk to and he made me sound smart and playful. Our chemistry was instantaneous and showed up as a deep interest, great ease, and a strong fascination with one another. We wanted to be together, we adored each other, and were intrigued by who we became as a couple. While we loved spending every minute of every day together, we were equality happy when we were apart. There was no fear or pressure that things could go wrong or that we should be different from who we are.

Over the years, this ease of being together has helped us to navigate through some rough patches, and it has kept our relationship fascinating and strong.

Just as essential as chemistry is for your love relationship, it’s equally important for all other areas of your life: where you live, whom you call your friends, and how you make a living.

Your guiding force in finding that place where you belong, the people you are meant to be with, and the purpose of your life is chemistry. When it shows up everything feels right. You are at ease. Your life flows.

How do you know when it’s there? You recognize it by its natural flow and calm; the moment you stop worrying and start being.

When I met my husband, I didn’t ask myself whether he was the right one for me or not, I just wanted to be with him. The same was true when I moved to Southern California. I couldn’t get enough of it and woke up every morning ecstatic to be here. And when I was away, I couldn’t wait to get back.

That’s when you know.

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Photo Source: Pink Sherbet via Flickr under a Creative Commons License