Here is my theory: whenever passion is present in a piece of art, a task, or a finished product, you can breathe it, smell it, experience it.

For example: if you visit a restaurant and the chef loves what he does, you’ll taste it in your meal. If the restaurant owner loves his restaurant, even better, you’ll enjoy your whole experience: The ambiance, the service, the selection of food and wine, and the way you are treated from the minute you arrive to the time you depart.

Pleasure, joy, and passion are contagious. They get transmitted. Of course, so is anger, ambivalence, and boredom.

My point? Whenever you find yourself working on something and your heart isn’t in it, you might as well stop. If you don’t like it, it’s not going to be fun for whoever will receive or experience the finished product.

For kicks, let me share this piece of passion with you, from the creators of “Despicable Me”. The minions, one of the writers shares, had such irresistible characters that they were in danger of taking over the movie from day one. That’s how contagious passion can be …