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Ever felt that you are different, weird even and that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be like anybody else?

In today’s post, I am shining a light on why standing out is a good thing and how understanding your differences can make you happier and more successful.

Here’s the deal: Among the 7 billion people on this planet there’s not one person that’s exactly like you.

No one has your unique intellectual blueprint, experiences the same awe-inspired moments, has the same strengths, grapples with the same fears, or comes up with the same creative ideas.

And while in the past you might have tried to be like others, now being weird is the new normal, and the more you embrace your quirkiness and stop comparing yourself to others, the happier, more successful, and more recognized you’ll become.

(Seth Godin wrote a book about it called “We Are All Weird”.)

The world has changed. Instead of working for big companies, people are going out on their own, cashing in on their unique qualities, and designing lifestyles and work environments that fit their personal gusto and needs.

Maybe it’s time to dig deep and find out who you really are? Because when you embrace your weirdness and craft your own body of work, this will happen:


1. You Get Happier

Knowing (and doing) what you love allows you to create a lifestyle based on your desires and dreams. It connects you to your higher purpose – and a community of like-minded people – and, it will bring you ease, deep satisfaction, and pure joy. This is your natural state.


2. You Stop Searching

Ever felt as if you are on a roller-coaster trying to figure out your life? Understanding your genuine self puts a stop to the search. Apart from being a huge relief, this will release tons of energy and help you to focus on developing and polishing your skills.


3. You’ll Start Attracting

This is where the law of attraction comes into play. By being more true to yourself, you’ll experience synchronicity and flow. Life becomes magical, rife with opportunities and heartfelt connections.


4. You Become More Confident

As a side effect of being happier and more relaxed, you’ll develop greater confidence and self-assurance. Your fears will disappear and give way to exciting new challenges that turn your life into an invigorating adventure.


4. Take Bigger Risks

Women often tell me that they are risk-averse; using your brilliance gives you the courage to take bigger steps. If fear has stopped you from making bold decisions in the past, now you’ll attract opportunities that light your fire and that is the perfect next step on your path of self-actualization.


5. You Have More Fun

Pursuing the right challenges and taking bigger risks will make your life more fun and exciting. This in turn will bring you bigger opportunities. All you need to do is keep matching your skills to the challenges.


6. You’ll Have More Charisma

Every cell in your body knows exactly what you were born to do and when you allow your true nature to emerge, your body will change. It’s a transformation that happens on a molecular level. As you relax, you become more magnetic. You start to look younger, have more energy, and experience increased well-being. Being your (weird) self is good for your body, mind, and soul.


7. You Begin to Build Your Legacy

Finally, by tapping into your true self you’ll create work you care about and start building your legacy. Whether this is a product, a book, a service, or an invention, it’ll be made with love and carry your unique signature.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your experience? Have you embraced your exceptional qualities? Did your life change as a result? Please share with us in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading.



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