Another year has started and I hear people voice their concerns about time moving too quickly. “Wow, last year went by so fast.” “Almost the end of January, where has the time gone?”

Did people notice this phenomenon a century ago or is it part of our modern civilization, the impression that life is on fast forward? Today’s post serves as a reminder that there is no better moment than the present to make every day count.

It’s all too easy to let life slip away. Immersed in routines and habits, following busy schedules, chasing after goals or worrying about events we have little or no influence over, we easily lose touch with what matters.

It takes conscious effort to enjoy every day and to embrace it as a blessing; create lasting memories, leave meaningful impressions, and pursue what brings you alive.


What Keeps You From Living Life to the Fullest?


1. Being Confused about What You Want.

Not knowing what you want is a major factor in feeling lost and dissatisfied. Without a sense of purpose you pursue dreams that don’t light your fire; you follow lukewarm paths and look to others for direction and meaning.

Make a commitment to find out what it is that you love doing. Finding your purpose is not difficult and the first step often starts with your willingness to take an honest look. People are afraid to face their greatness, worried that it won’t be everything they imagined. What they secretly fear is that their life won’t get more exciting – and that all they’d discover is more of the same: more work, more worries, more blah.

There is no need to be afraid. You are exceptional and tapping into your gifts will bring about everything you have always wanted. All you have to do is take the defining steps. You can read my book to get on the right path. It outlines the steps that will help you find your true calling.


2. Hesitation to Take the Next Step.

Hesitation is another reason most people lack self-fulfillment. They wait for the perfect moment to occur, the moment of clarity that will remove all doubt and install confidence. However, that moment will never arrive.

You have to do the things that make you hesitate. Don’t wait for the time to be more perfect. Do it now. Pick up the phone and make that appointment you have been avoiding or sign up for that class you have been putting off. You don’t have the money? You don’t have the time? Do it anyway.

Otherwise, time – and your life – will keep rushing by.

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