In today’s world changes happen so fast that its hard to keep up. The old way of doing business is crashing, new rules are being established, and if we want to understand them with our old thinking and communication habits we won’t be very effective.

How can we adapt to the changes that are happening all around us? If the way we live and the way we do business is being redesigned, what new skills do we need to develop?

Today I want to offer one new approach that can help you in dealing with the changes at hand: Start delighting others.

The world of right or wrong, dominated by a belief in scarcity and competition, is changing into a world of collaboration. Instead of fighting for money, we play together to make money and instead of looking for problems, we create unlimited possibilities by serving each other.

The old way: When talking to others, we try to make a point. We want the other person to agree with what we have to say. We want to be understood, we want to be heard, and ultimately we want to be right. If the other person does not agree with us, we feel misunderstood, hurt, disappointed, and at times angry.

Now, try a different approach. What, if the sole reason for your communication was to light someone up? In that approach it doesn’t matter whether you are right or not, all of a sudden there is a shift from convincing someone of your opinion to serving them and letting them have their way. Try it. Next time you talk to a friend, shift your focus from yourself to them. Who are they? What are they interested in and what would inspire them?

By accepting others and their point of view, unlimited new opportunities open up for you and them to play together.

As always, thank you for reading.