Are some people born luckier than others?

Is luck something you can influence?

Is it chance? Or fate?

I personally believe that you can make your own luck – and that by doing what makes you happy and by engaging in what lights you up you attract more of it into your life.

It’s like this: You are feeling really, really good about yourself and are driving to the store when all of a sudden parking opens up right in the front of you. Or, you run into a friend who has just the information you needed for your job. Or, maybe you are at the bookstore and pick up this one book that is going to make a huge difference in your life.

It’s not just luck. It’s doing what you love and feeling happy with your life that attracts those special opportunities. It sounds simple yet, it takes great courage and radical honesty to decide what makes this happen for you.

My daughter told me a few weeks ago that she didn’t want to go back to school after the summer break. Wow! It’s as if you decided not to go back to work after your vacation. It caught me by surprise because this is a girl that had been really lucky at school. She’s had the best teachers, great friends, great challenges, she had skipped a grade and was smart as a whip. And here she was, telling me that she didn’t want to go back.

Looking at it, I had to admit that she hadn’t been as happy as she used to be. And while I had noticed it, I had convinced myself that all she needed was the well deserved summer break and that things would go back to normal in the fall.

Yet, she was making her case with great determination and we decided to put ourselves behind it. We found out that our school district provides the most amazing home schooling program including a private teacher free of charge with classes twice a week. This would provide her with the challenges she loved and is missing now: Setting her own schedule, delving into fields that interest her, responsibility for her own learning, etc.

Once the decision was made to home school her for one year everything changed. Her depressed sad attitude vanished and her beautiful self showed up, happy, relaxed, lit up, bright, excited and full of self esteem. This wasn’t her just getting lucky. This was her making her own luck, standing up for herself and saying “I don’t want to go back to school. It’s not making me happy. It’s not what I need.”

So, take a look at your own life. Do you have areas that need change? What would it take to make them flow with more ease?

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