“Being your true self is effortless. You don’t have to convince people of who you are. You only have to convince them of who you are not.” -Karin Lehmann

Most people live as if their lives belong to others.

They leave it up to the rest of the world to make decisions for them, tell them what to do, how to think, and what to believe in.

Then there are those who do the telling, the bossing, and the deciding – which are two sides of the same coin. Control or be controlled. Neither way is fun.

Freedom comes from living your own life. From making your own decisions and ultimately, from listening to your own heart.

This bears responsibility: you have to face your fears and weaknesses, stand up for yourself, and take the heat for your decisions. This can be uncomfortable at first, downright scary. Blaming others for your dissatisfaction, however, will not bring fulfillment.

Trust that the answers to your life are all within you. Listen to your heart and begin living the life that you are born to live.

As always, thank you for reading.



Photosource: Aral Tasher via Unsplash