On May 11th we opened our doors to the first Core Coaches Training in Palm Springs. For 7 full days we worked with a group of aspiring coaches on coaching tools, life skills, communication patterns, project management, leadership, execution, sales and marketing and most of all, we practiced how to play.

It’s surprising to me time and again how much strain and effort we tend to put on ourselves and how serious we get with this big adventure called life. Since it’s our job as coaches to support others in living life to the fullest, a big part of the coaches training was designed to help (nudge) participants out of their own rut, out of old habits and thinking patterns, which keep them boxed in.

For me as the trainer this was the most exciting part of the class. Each morning the group came back brighter and happier than the night before. Through experiential learning and by turning projects into games, new horizons opened up, new ideas were born and we went to work on them right away. This was not a ‘class-room’ training. Participants put into practice what they learned and got to experience what their new projects ‘tasted’ like. By the end of the week each member of the group left not only with a ‘Coaching Certificate’ but with real life coaching experiences and ‘ready to go’ products.

The results were inspiring. All the participants looked younger and more vibrant and they were well on their way to amazing adventures. One of them is headed to Paris with his first client, combining coaching with travel, another has sold workshops and coaching for more than $20,000 to a company.

Life is a big adventure – let’s play!