Mistake #3: Intimidation


Finding the balance in a relationship can be hard. While some men try do please their woman to a fault, others like to show who’s in charge by physical and emotional intimidation.

If this is something you learned in a family where bullying women was modeled and accepted, you will have to dig deep and really look at your understanding of the other sex. By learning to appreciate the nurturing quality of women and by accepting their power, you can create an intimacy beyond anything you ever experienced.

Often, however, intimidation happens on a more subtle level and can be a sign that the balance in a relationship is off.

For example, if a woman behaves overly controlling and angry, chances are that her man will fight back. If this is happening in your relationship, as a woman you will have to do some soul searching to see what you are missing. It is not the man’s job to make you happy and whatever you need for your own well being, it’s crucial that you start pursuing it.

On another level, men will sometimes use a bully or cocky attitude when they feel insecure and can’t read a specific situation. If as a man you use intimidation to cover up for your insecurity, you may want to realize that your little game is actually doing the trick and that in many cases you are turning off the woman you are trying to impress.

As for women, when a man behaves in an intimidating way, don’t panic. Remember King Kong? The more relaxed and playful you remain, the more your man will be able to calm down and show his true self, which in most cases is the protective and loving partner you want him to be.

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Photo Source: Tiago Ribeira via Flickr under a Creative Commons License