Finding your passion is not hard.


Actually, the blue print of who you are (incl. your major life lessons) is already fully developed 5 month before you are born and imprinted in your fingertips.

What you do with it is what makes all the difference.

There are multiple ways to find out why you are here. You can consult with a masterful astrologist, astronomer, numerologist, life coach, hand-analyst or intuitive and they will be able to decode your basic life purpose, the weaknesses you are confronted with during this life time, your life hurdles and, my personal favorite, your juicy dilemma: The one thing you want to do the most and are most afraid of.

Once you know your personal gifts, a more complex question arises and it is this: How do you translate your unique abilities and talents into your life and work?

Let’s say for example your life purpose is to be a passionate and persuasive communicator who loves adventure. There are many different ways to actualize these gifts: You could be a public speaker, a salesman, a writer who travels the world, a politician, even a singer … all different ways to practice your persuasive communication skills.

Or, if you are a life coach like myself, you can use your skills to communicate passionately with your clients, persuade them to live a happier life while satisfying your hunger for adventure by traveling the globe teaching life changing seminars.

As you can see, once you know your life purpose, there is a number of ways to pursue it. How do you know which one is your path?

This is where the ability to be sensitive to your needs and to find out what lights you up comes in as a crucial measurement tool.

Your sensory awareness will tell you whether you want to use your passionate communication skills to talk to big crowds, write novels, sing, paint, or other means to express yourself. How? Your system will tell you. You will get stimulated, maybe even nervous when you engage in the activities that bring you alive. Your eyes will sparkle when you talk about what you want to do and your enthusiasm will give it away.

Once you know your calling, explore it. Try out the various possibilities and ways to put it into practice. Make lists, talk to people, take seminars, learn the unique aspects of your gift, and always, always, take an inventory of what brings you alive. If it does not excite you, chances are, you aren’t on the right track.

If you have questions about this, let me know. I’d be happy to help.

As always, thank you for reading,



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Photo Source: Ramanathan.Kathiresan via Flickr under a Creative Commons License