Countless times people told me that I changed their lives. What they might not know is that in return they changed mine. It’s a give and take, an exchange of love and attention. And to me, it’s one of the most satisfying experiences in life.

We are not made for isolation.

We become more complete through interacting, supporting, and loving others. Even the experience of conflict, hurt, and challenges can soften our soul and make us more human.

Life is an art. Making your connections deeply satisfying means to live life fully, without holding back: giving of yourself, sharing your love, enriching other people’s lives, and receiving in return.

The language of love is acceptance. It doesn’t allow space for drama, judgment, or opinions.

While engaging in a bit of gossip might feel juicy at the moment, it creates isolation and loneliness. Don Draper gets it right in the popular TV-show Mad Men when he asks his colleagues: “Don’t you have anything else to do besides dining on the drama of other people’s lives like a bunch of teenage girls?”

Instead of drama, engage in loving activities that are productive and create a better world for you and the people around you. Making others right and looking for the best in each person is an art you can learn.


To develop more intimate connections in your life, try these simple steps.


Get clear on what’s holding you back now. What is your current relationship agenda? Do you think meeting new people is too much work? Are you sabotaging your friendships by constantly wondering what’s in it for you? Are you too busy and fed up with people in general – or, did you convince yourself that you are not a people person? Being honest with yourself is the first step in creating more fulfilling interactions.

Who are your people? To make new acquaintances and build lasting friendships, find the people who share your interests. Do you like going to the movies? Join a group of movie enthusiasts. Are you a nature person? Become part of a hiking group. And, if dancing is your thing, sign up for a dance class. is a fantastic website to make new friends anywhere. It offers a huge variety of interesting groups from book lovers to motorcycle enthusiasts, wine aficionados, business professionals, singles, or girlfriends.

Nurture your friendships. Deep connections develop over time. Make a conscious effort to stay in touch with the people you met, even if you have a busy schedule. Be positive, stay interested, and revel in a life filled with deep friendships and loving connections.

Much luck and as always, thank you for reading.



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