A lot of stuff influences how we feel on any given day.


The weather, the position of the planets, people we come in touch with, our friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

All throughout the day, we get pulled and pushed in different directions.

Your boss being in a crummy mood can make your day miserable; having a passionate teacher can turn you into an inspired student, and your boyfriend ignoring your messages can bring you down.

We have little power over these outside factors and their impact on us; we do, however, have the power to make the experiences we have with ourselves amazing. Every day.

Have you ever met someone who is content with life no matter what the circumstances? Who doesn’t cling to people or possessions and is happy with who she is?

It’s rare.

Most of us never learn how to be our own best friend. Instead of enjoying life to the fullest, we criticize and denounce our actions, doubt our choices, and second-guess our decisions.

Imagine having a friend you can turn to whenever life hits a rough spot; someone who patiently listens to your worries, who encourages you and soothes your pains. A friend who loves and accepts you for who you are and who’s presence makes you feel protected.

That best friend is you.


How to Become Your Own Best Friend:


1. Self Love: Put Yourself First

As women, we tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of ours to a degree that we have a hard time figuring out how to take care of ourselves.

Putting yourself first is essential in staying balanced and keeping your soul nurtured. By integrating elements into your life that relax you and make you happy, you increase your level of well-being. For example, I need truth, beauty, and adventure in my life to stay emotionally balanced. Whether these are meaningful conversations, trips to interesting places, the sight out of my window or the colors in my home; doing – and being – what I love is essential for my sense of well-being. From a place of contentment, spreading joy and sharing my happiness is easy.


2. Self Talk: Start a Journal

Whenever I lose my balance and feel dissatisfied, angry, or restless, I pick up my journal and vent my emotions. This helps me to de-clutter my mind and re-connect with my inner truth.

I used to think that I needed to talk to a girlfriend whenever I felt out of sync, but journaling has proven much more effective. My journal doesn’t take sides, it doesn’t agree with my rantings, nor does it get pulled into my moods. It patiently listens and waits until I am done – and back to my cheerful self.


3. Self Reflection: Meditate

Meditation is another fabulous way to help relax back into myself. It allows to put things into perspective and calms me down whenever I am rattled or anxious. I use meditation to connect with myself and revitalize my vision.

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Ten to twenty minutes of quiet time is all you need to calm your mind and remember yourself again.


4. Self Respect: Make Time For Yourself

Quality time is the foundation for every great friendship including the one with you. Make time to do the things that make you happy. Explore the world without getting distracted by other people’s thoughts and opinions. It will help you to get to know yourself better, gain self-respect, and learn to trust your inner voice.


How about you? Do you find it easy to be your own best friend? What are your secrets of keeping the relationship with yourself strong? Please share with us in the comments below.

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