For the last century our economy has relied on people who followed instructions (very well), who did what they were told to do, didn’t ask questions, and produced more than they were paid. That old economy is falling apart in a big way and lots of people are in pain because of it. Jobs are disappearing and the ones that are left don’t pay very much or are being replaced by technology and more efficient machines.

While this can be really, really scary it also offers great opportunities for a new approach.

In the old economy being creative, using your brilliance, and thinking for yourself was not encouraged. Fitting in, being obedient, and following a manual served the system best. In return you got a steady paycheck and, most importantly, retirement. While this worked well for a long time, it’s not as effective anymore. Today people are less and less satisfied with merely following manuals. They want to use their intelligence, make smart decisions, and take responsibility.

In short, the world is changing, and it’s changing fast. The question is how are you going to change with it?

In our new economy, more valuable than merely fitting in and following instructions is thinking for yourself and using creativity to come up with ideas that change people’s lives. Don’t get me wrong, we do need manuals and systems to grow solid businesses. However, the people working in the businesses don’t want to be treated like replaceable parts. They want to make a contribution by using their innate gifts: So life becomes an exciting journey and an experience worth living for all of us.

What’s required in this new economy are positive people skills and a new ethic that brings out the best in yourself and in others. What the world really needs is for you to stand out and make a difference. Now, that’s exciting!

You may ask yourself how the heck you are going to do that? How do you use your brilliance to change people’s lives? And, what are those new skills that we need to grow with the changes that are happening all around us?

I am outlining the ones I believe are really important below and will explain them in more detail in my following posts. In the meantime, feel free to shoot me an email or ask questions in the comment section below.

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1: Find your brilliance, your gifts, and your creative genius.

2: Learn positive people skills: Practice generosity, kindness, bravery, and happiness to become the best you can be.

3: Learn positive communication tools that will help you in collaborating and forming alliances with others: Encouragement, curiosity, and acknowledgment are a few of them.

4: Work hard and become a master at what you do.

5: Connect and find the right opportunities, people and organizations to team up with.


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Photo Source: Pink Sherbert via Flickr under a Creative Commons License