I just read an excellent article by Deepak Chopra on pain. He lists the stickiness factor of pain …

“…there’s a stickiness to pain that overrides the physical and mental discomfort that pain obviously causes. By stickiness I mean the following:

Habit — I’m used to my pain; it’s too hard to change.
Victimization — I’d like to be out of pain, but I’m too weak. Somebody stronger is responsible.
Revenge — If I make you hurt more than I do, it’s worth it
Numbness — I don’t feel anything, so I must not be hurting.
Religion – God wants me to feel this pain — and you, too.
Ideology — My pain is worthwhile because it serves a higher purpose
Shame — I’d rather hurt than have others find out who the real me is.

Guilt — Punishment is the redress to my past wrongs.”

I became especially aware of the silence of pain, the silent suffering, when my kids were babies. They would voice my pain or other people’s pain by screaming. They were almost like a tuning fork to their environment. When I had pressure, they started to fuss.

Do you have pain? Is it sticky? And if you put a voice to it, what would it sound like?

Thank you for reading,