One of the most important questions I ask my clients during a coaching session is:

“What Do You Want?”

And the single-most response I get is:

“I Don’t Know!”

Yet, the only person who does know the answer to this question is you. You know what it is you want in your heart; you know this with every fiber of your being. The one part of your body that does not know the answer is your brain.

And that’s where we go for answers most of the time. So, when I ask my clients what it is they want, they go and check in with their head, and guess what they find there? Old answers and recycled ideas.

How can we find clues to the important questions about our happiness, our passions and our soul’s purpose? In his fabulous book, “The Book of Secrets”, Deepak Chopra says that every single cell of your body knows exactly what you are born to do. And to the extent you deviate from your soul purpose your body will get tired, angry, sad and ultimately, sick.

To find out what it is you truly want you need to start listening to your body. Your body will give you the signals that you can use to find your life purpose. In coaching, I call this process ‘following your light’. What are the areas of your life that light you up? What is fun for you, when does your body expand, relax or get stimulated and what gets your engine going?

Unfortunately, most of us are not very educated in reading and understanding these body response mechanisms. However, they are very important to help you find your bliss and what it is you want to do with your life.

If you want to watch a coaching interview and observe the ‘follow your light’ process live, you can check out one of these shows:

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