Nothing clicked today.

It’s not that I wasn’t prepared; I had the whole day lined out and my to-do list ready. But when I sat down to get to it, things didn’t come out right.

Regardless, I pushed on – because there was really quite a bit to do, emails to answer, a speech to prepare, a campaign to design.

I knew I wasn’t at my best but, heck, stuff just had to get done.

By the afternoon it started to dawn on me that much of what I had worked on in the morning would end up in the cutting room. The material wasn’t any good; my thoughts were confused and my words sounded pathetic. That’s when I quit. After yet another futile attempt at my speech I laid down on my bed with a feeling of guilt, which I ignored, and started playing a game on my Iphone. Yeap, wasting precious time!

Ahh, this felt really good. Doing nothing, nothing at all. After 10 minutes of this, thoughts started pouring in. Clear ideas for the outline of my speech popped up and bullet points for my campaign appeared out of nowhere so that within minutes – and the help of a marker and a few index cards – both my speech and the campaign had a solid first draft. The details I would add later.

Sometimes you have to do nothing first to get things done.

As always, thanks for reading.

To your relaxed and productive afternoon.


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Photo Credit: Sinanacar via FreeImages