Can you remember when you first learned to read?


When all of a sudden a whole new world opened up, and you were able to delve into adventures and mysteries unavailable before?

For me, it was the difference between feeling trapped in a small village in the Black Forest of Germany and traveling to far-away countries, from making fascinating new friends and experiencing strange new cultures.

In my books, I met an orphan boy who lived somewhere in the vast expanse that I knew to be the U.S.A. He dug holes in the ground and roasted small animals that he had hunted. One day he barely escaped a Skunk, which I found out, could douse you in a stench that lasted for days.

Reading not only introduced me to new possibilities, it also set the stage for what I wanted from life and changed the way I walked my path forever.

Something similar happens when you first learn how to read a person’s aliveness. All of a sudden, your perception of the world and the people in it change. Instead of relying on the spoken word when listening to someone, you begin to read between the lines and perceive clues that you didn’t notice before. Your depth of reality increases and you begin to understand people’s true desires.


The art of reading aliveness gives you insight into a person’s purpose, desires, and dreams.


Why is this important?

Imagine you are a parent trying to help your child make an important decision about her future.

What if you could read her innate intelligence and understand your child on a deep level? Rather than trying to figure out conceptually what’s best for her? It’s the difference between telling your child what she should do and guiding her to do what’s in her heart.

Or, imagine giving a lecture. Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in your speech, trying to remember your lines, that you lost your audience in the process? Being able to hone into a group of listeners can help you to stay connected and keep your content fresh.

The ability to read aliveness is the ultimate service as it enables you to support people in finding and following their dreams.

Learning the craft is easy. All it takes is to listen with your heart and your senses instead of your ears and your brain. Once you know the difference, all you have to do is practice.

As always, thank you for reading.


Career Coach, Los Angeles

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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