Today I want to share an inspirational thought with you by CoachVille CEO, Dave Buck:

“The current economy is based on creating and selling STUFF in mass quantities to people who are thought of as ‘consumers’.  Well, this model is crumbling because people everywhere are rising in consciousness.

The more conscious you become, the less stuff you desire. You become less and less a consumer, and more and more a creator.

What you desire is to create your life with joyful and fulfilling experiences that contribute to the lives of others; is more about fulfilling experience and less about accumulating stuff. Yes, you will still desire a few nice things, but even those things will be based on beauty and meaning over quantity.  This is what I have called: The Inspiration Economy.

Wow, what a great statement!

In today’s world people are caught in the never-ending chase of wanting more and more stuff only to realize that when they get it, it was not really it! It was just another car, another meal, another pair of jeans. By the end of the day the real question remains: What is it you truly need? What makes you deeply happy? Once that question is answered, you may not want very much.

As Always, thank you for reading.