Can You Make Life Easier With One Simple Tool?


Last week I introduced you to the book “Men Are Easy” by Lynn Rasmussen. All week I couldn’t stop thinking about it. If relationships can be easy, how about life?

Making life overly complicated seems to be a habit that’s hard to let go of.

If you can change your relationship from difficult to easy by altering the way you approach your partner, why wouldn’t that work with life as well? If you change your approach to life, your life will change. Simple as that. Right?

Sure. As we all know, old habits die hard, and most of the time, we don’t even notice that we have them. That’s why the first step in making life easy is to become aware.




Let me show you one communication tool that, when applied, will allow you to make significant changes in your life. While this tool is easy to learn, using it effectively will take some practice. The outcome, however, is astounding! One of my clients tripled her sales within one week by simply changing from arguing with her boss to listening to him.

The tool I want to share with you today is awareness. As I said earlier, awareness is the first step in making any lasting changes. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s impossible to change it.

Awareness is the ability to pay attention to your actions and observe how you impact your environment.

Most people have no idea how they come across to others. Do you? Are you aware of your communication style? Do you know whether you speak with conviction or complain most of the time? Have you noticed if you encourage others or bring them down? Do you criticize, or do you inspire? Taking an honest look at yourself can be trying. Be as open as you can while at the same time keeping your sense of humor.

If you like taking notes, start a journal to capture your experience. Deliberately try out different ways of speaking to people. Is one style more effective than another? Can you change a complaint into an acknowledgment? Can you ask a curious question instead of blaming someone? And most importantly, what is the outcome? Do you get the same response as before, or do you detect a difference?

Please share your observations in the comment section below. Do you have insights, aha moments, or epiphanies? We’d love to hear them!

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