My daughter and I went to Michaels a few days ago to buy yarn. She has discovered the art of making crochet beanies and wants to give them away for Christmas.

What was supposed to be a pleasant shopping experience turned into a major ordeal.

The parking lot was packed. The store was a zoo. The check-out line was huge and I got the disquieting feeling that this was just the beginning of the craziness we call the Holiday Season.

When the external world gets busier and busier we need to take internal breaks.  twit-bird

I am determined to keep my calm in the weeks ahead. I love this time of the year when nature slows down, days are getting shorter, the air is crisper, and we spend more time inside.

It is a season that allows for reflection and re-connection.

It offers an opportunity to calm down, be grateful, and cherish what you have. While others are busy out there, stuck in traffic or check-out lines, take the time to read, journal, spend time with loved ones, bake delicious cookies, and delight in this season of harvest, gratitude, and joy.

Let go of the outside pressures and indulge in the comfort that is your life.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Photo Credit: Carli Jean via Unsplash


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