Do you know the best medicine for a crummy mood or a bad day? Giving thanks, hands down. Being grateful and expressing your love will not only lift your mood, it will make you happy, radiant and beautiful.

If you look for what you love in your life you will attract more of it and feel grateful for what you have. If on the other hand you find a lot to be unhappy with you’ll attract more of that as well. It’s such a simple recipe for happiness, albeit easy to miss or forget.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving that’s what I want you to do today. Give thanks. Love your life. Express your gratitude.
Let people know how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are for having them in your life. Tell them thank you for being there when you need them, for cheering you up when you are down, for listening to you and for making you laugh.

I am not talking about a casual thank you that you utter at the grocery store but an all out THANK YOU that you feel deep inside your heart and that touches the person you express it to. Tell the man at the car wash what a great a great job he did polishing your car. Give your kids a big hug and show them how happy they make you. Buy your dog a special treat and give him some extra quality love.

If we made it our practice to express gratitude every day, not just on a holiday, I wonder how much love and abundance we would attract into our lives …

If you find that you don’t have as much to be grateful for as you would like, here’s what you can do. Create a life that you can love. Start with appreciating the things you have now and make room for more.

Below is a simple exercise to get you started.

Exercise: 30 Days of Gratitude

Take a notebook and over the next 30 days turn it into your gratitude journal. Write down one thing each day that you are grateful for. You can paste a picture or photo with your entry or draw something. This is a daily moment dedicated to the love and the gratitude you feel for your life.

My journal starts with my appreciation for all the amazing photographers and artists that make their work available to the world under the Creative Commons License on Flickr. I cherish looking through image after image every week to find a picture that goes along with my blog posts and I love seeing the world through someone else eyes.

Wishing you a safe, loving and peaceful Holiday filled with blessings, gratitude and giving thanks.

In my gratitude journal tomorrow? YOU! I so appreciate your loyal reading of my weekly musings. Without you I would have long kicked writing to the curb.


With love,




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Photo Source: Aussiegall via Flickr under a Creative Commons License