Summer arrived and with it a whole new way of living. Toasty temperatures, sunny skies and long days invite to outdoor fun, lush evenings spent under the open sky at sidewalk cafes or concerts in the park. We may take time off and travel to exotic places, visit family and friends or explore faraway countries.

With nature in full bloom, this is no time for introspection. Rather, it’s an opportunity for lightness of being, for letting go and living life to the fullest. It’s a wonderful time to replenish your batteries so you are ready for the longer and busier days of the fall.

Here are a few recommendations for making your summer delightful:


Do what’s fun.

Many people life hectic lives and rarely make time for the things that feel good. Summer’s relaxed atmosphere invites you to ease up and live a more liberating and ‘decadent’ lifestyle. So, turn your schedule upside down and only do what you enjoy. This is a great time to explore all things playful and fun – like sleeping outside under the open sky, night strolls along the beach, river rafting, visiting an open air concert, watching a late-night movie, throwing a summer party or inviting your girlfriends for a weekend get-away. My favorite summer pastimes are long lush evenings spent under the open sky, listening to live music.

Live light.

During the summer, the earth is exhaling and there is lightness to nature that you don’t find in the fall or during the winter. It’s a great time to kick off your shoes, to sing and dance, to eat simpler and lighter fares, drink herbal teas over ice, wear strapless dresses and summer sandals.

Pamper your body.

A sunny afternoon is a fabulous time to give yourself a personal pampering session. Have you ever tried slathering your body with pure organic coconut oil (Use it for your hair as well as a deep conditioning treatment), then relaxing on a lounge chair with two tea bags over your eyes? It’s wonderful. Black tea helps with dark rings and puffy eyes and coconut oil has a myriad of health benefits. This is a wonderful way to soothe your body and skin and to give your eyes an astringent treatment.

Indulge your senses.

What better time than this to indulge your senses? Strolling through a local farmers market for example, smelling the scents of fresh herbs, flowers and fruits, sampling ripe peaches, strawberries, and warm rolls. Or, walking barefoot along the beach, feeling the warm sand under your feet, cutting fresh flowers and decorating your home with delicious smelling roses and lavender.

Summer is a special time that many of us have been anticipating. So, enjoy, let go and smell the roses.

Thank you for reading.



How do you like to indulge your summer? Do you get to take time off? Or, do you enjoy the months in the city, at outdoor cafes or at the beach? Let us know your summer secrets in the comment section below.