“Hysteria is the dominant theme of our society today.”  Deepak Chopra

“People are afraid of change and yet the fact is that change is the most dominant theme of our civilization: We have more change in one day than we have in centuries in previous times. People find that this rapid change leads to unpredictability in their lives and this lack of predictability, lack of control, lack of outlets for frustration leads to the anxiety and the angst that you see in our culture today.”

Change creates anxiety and anxiety creates the urge for more control. And yet, trying to keep up is impossible. Did you know that information is doubling at the rate of 100% every two months? Embracing change and letting go is the only way forward.

Since most people are deeply disconnected from their source, this creates unbearable amounts of fear and pain. We are worried sick to lose the job we dread and quickly follow every hype and scheme that promises relief.

Knowing who you are is key. It leads to a sense of deep trust and creates the ease and purpose that you need to relax in this world of paradox and complexity.

If you can embrace the fact that you don’t have (nor need) all the answers and that most of your fears are not based in reality, you can find a way out. Forget about doing the right thing, don’t worry about what others think of you. Do what makes you happy: The one thing that sets you apart and that you do better than anybody else.

There is not one way, one answer, or one road to take. You can create anything, any way you want to. The only requirement is that it makes you happy and that in the long run it will create an income. If it inspires you, it will attract others as well.

It takes courage to leave the beaten path and to follow your own truth. The internet can help you in creating new and innovative business models. Be careful not to get pulled into every hype and stay true to what lights you up. Some of the new online models are still practiced with old business tactics of fear and competition. If this gets you fired up, it’s great. If not, don’t worry, you’ll find what works for you.

Fortunately there are more and more shining lights out there showing what’s possible. Chris Brogan is one of my favorites, his complete sense of service and dedication to his ‘tribe’ being nothing but astounding. Pam Slim is another great example. I am sure you have your own inspirational role models.

What works for you is you. The thing that turns you on, that brings you joy, and that lets your unique intelligence shine. You are the star. Trust what you love.

As always, thank you for reading.



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Photo Source: Notsogoodphotography via Flickr under a Creative Commons License