People and their emotions have an effect on you.

Whether you are working in an office, sitting in a coffee house or visiting with friends, you’ll be impacted by other people’s positive or negative feelings.

Have you ever experienced how talking to someone who is upset can change your mood? Or, how the visit of a best friend can uplift an otherwise crummy day?

However invisible your emotions may be, you share them with the people around you. In the most radical situations, this can cause pain (stomach ache, head ache, cramps, etc.). In most cases, however, it shows up as a little interference similar to a radio channel that is not set to the right frequency. And while you can’t see the interference, your body will sense its impact.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, shared emotions will have an impact on your well-being and overall performance level. To shake them off, you need to re-balance your body and relax into your own rhythm. Unfortunately, we often forget to honor this and avoid opportunities to re-vitalize.

Returning to your natural state and operating on your optimum energy level is vital to you happiness and well-being.


5 Ways to Deal With External Interferences:


1. Be Sensitive to Your Environment

Pay attention to the impact your environment has on you. If busy places overwhelm you, take them in little doses. If too much talking tires you out, be quiet and observe instead. Also, notice how people influence you. Some may have a soothing quality while others cause irritation.


2. Take Showers, Hot Baths, or Swim in Open Water

Water not only cleanses away dirt, it also helps to wash off emotional residue. Imagine stepping under a hot shower after a long day of traveling. It’s a great way to relax and wash off what you picked up from your environment. If you live near the ocean or have a pool at home, you probably know the calming quality of floating in open water. Or, the wonderful feeling of soaking in a hot bath tub after a long day at the office.


3. Exercise Your Body

The right type of exercise will calm your body and quiet your mind. Taking a long strenuous hike whenever I am stressed helps me to calm my mind and refocus. In order to relax and re-connect with myself, tiring out my muscles is the best way to get back on track.


4. Watch a Good Movie

Watching movies is a fabulous emotional stress release. Have you ever experienced that crying your eyes out at a sad movie leaves you more relaxed and calm afterwards? Or, how watching a high impact movie can get you back on your feet and energized after a really disappointing day?


5. Make Time For Yourself

Most importantly, make time for yourself and do the things you love. By wearing yourself out, you’ll become more susceptible to outside influences. Taking time to read a great magazine, having a cup of tea, taking a walk in nature, or just relaxing in a quiet and beautiful place are luxuries you can’t go without. Maybe you like to sing, dance, pray, meditate, rock-climb, or go shopping. Whatever does the trick, do it!


Have you ever felt the impact of other people’s positive or negative emotions? What did you experience? Please share with us in the comments below or on my Facebook page. You can also write to me, I’d love to hear from you.

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