For the past few weeks I have been working on upgrading and re-designing my business. Or, let’s say I have been on a quest to re-discover my true voice.

What brought this on was a sudden reluctance to getting back into my life as I know it.

This wasn’t something I had planned. On the contrary, I thought I was doing great.

My schedule was full, my business was producing a good income and I felt important and busy. Yet, after taking a month off to travel, write and unwind, I wasn’t ready to pick up where I had left off. Something had changed.

I was stumped. What the heck was going on? Was it the climate change? The adjustment to a different culture? Or, was it something deeper?

Had I all of a sudden fallen out of love – with my business or with my life?

After pondering the issue for a few weeks, I realized that this was something that had been going on for a while and that at some point during the past few years I had gotten off track. I was doing what I knew best but the passion for it had faded.

This came as a big surprise. I love what I do; I love working with women, inspiring change, creating magic and encouraging adventure. I am excellent at it. Yet, what used to be effortless and fun had turned into a job. Instead of practicing my art I had become ordinary. (… oh, no!)

By trying to follow everyone else’s advice, by building a platform, writing a blog, giving away free sample sessions, lowering my prices, offering discounts, trying to be consistent and professional, I had lost the excitement for what I do.

I had stopped being original and I had become like everyone else. Instead of having a true voice I turned into a commodity. And while before I was the best coach in the world, all of a sudden I was one of 300,000.

So, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and to re-define what it is I love doing. To keep what I enjoy and to get rid of what I don’t.

We all fall out of love every now and then. With life, with our careers or even with love itself. It’s not the end of the world.

I decided to use this opportunity to create something bigger and more exciting; to reignite my passion and to use the way I am different as a way to inspire others.

It’s your difference that makes you magnetic.

Maybe I’ll look for inspiration in nature, take an art class in Rome or swim with the Dolphins. Stay tuned for updates.

As always, thank you for reading!


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Photo Source: Cea via Flickr under a Creative Commons License