One of my wonderful students, Anna Maria from New York is sharing this very special morning dance ritual with us. May it enlighten your day!


Curious how to begin your day in a new and fun way?  Spend fifteen minutes enjoying this delightful practice of awake-dream-designing. Awake-dream-designing is an ancient art form which combines visualization, music, and movement. Practicing this art form creates a sense of well being, centeredness and peacefulness.

Dance in comfortable cotton or silk clothing and cover your eyes with an eye mask or scarf. Turn on a Deep Forest CD.

Stretch and move slowly following the rhythmic beat of the music. Imagine you are deep in the forest; feel the cool, earth on your bare feet; smell the fresh, clean air. In your mind, go deeper and deeper into this wonderful, safe place.

Now imagine a magical cord made of beautiful electric blue-white light being pulled up from within the earth’s deep, inner core; pull the cord up through your legs, and on up through your torso, your chest, your neck and on out the top of your head where it extends high into the sky. As the music continues to play, move slowly and rhythmically.

Imagine the sun radiating out of your heart center; slowly think and feel the following words: I am blessed; I am perfect health; I am filled with joy; (add your own blessings using the format of ‘I am’). Once you are finished listing your blessings, continue to imagine the sun’s rays radiating through your heart center; envision those rays expanding out, lighting your path and filling your day; see the light surrounding you and your loved ones, and extending out around the world – Namaste.

Anna Maria Markantonis


New York, July 23, 2012