Want to Know What You Are All About? Listen to Inspiration.

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Want to Know What You Are All About? Listen to Inspiration.

Last week I talked about life dreams – and how the vision for your future already exists within you.

The same is true for your natural gifts and talents. They, too, are deeply entrenched in every part of your being.

To find them, pay close attention to the elements in your life that intrigue and inspire you.

Twenty years ago, I took a seminar to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I had accomplished the things I thought were important and now I was at a loss not knowing what to do next. Secretly, I was looking for purpose and meaning. (more…)

Make Your Dreams Come True

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Make Your Dreams Come True

“You are the world, and the world is you.”
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

I was driving along Pacific Coast Highway the other day on my way to meet a client, when I realized that I had carried the dream of this drive in my soul my whole life.

In that moment I understood that our true desires are not shallow fantasies or pipe-dreams, but solid and lasting entities – and that fulfilling them brings ultimate joy.

I remembered that as a kid I had taken great pleasure in collecting images of sun-drenched coastlines, golden palm trees, and blue skies. The certainty that somewhere in the world that place existed made me deeply happy. It even had a name: California.


When Pushing Hard Is Getting You Nowhere – It’s Time to Let Go

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When Pushing Hard Is Getting You Nowhere – It’s Time to Let Go

How I learned to trust my own voice.


Many years ago, when running my own business was still new, I found myself at a dead end.

I had discovered what I loved doing and the money wasn’t following. As a matter of fact, the harder I tried, the more it went away.

I had lost my job, I was broke and I had two kids to feed. I told myself that being without a job was probably a blessing since now I could dedicate myself to my passion 100%. I was making one hundred cold calls a day to no or little avail and was growing more and more desperate.

What was the missing ingredient? (more…)

7 Signs You Haven’t Found Your True Voice

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7 Signs You Haven’t Found Your True Voice

You are born special.

You have a purpose.

You have a craft

- an art –

that’s intimately yours. 

Call it your gift, your calling or your inherent talent.

Finding it can be a lifelong quest filled with trepidation, doubt and fear – as well as enthusiasm, passion and wonder.

Certain signs along the way will tell you whether or not you are on your path toward destiny. Below, I am listing a few to help you stay your course.


How to Shake Off (Unwanted) Shared Emotions

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How to Shake Off (Unwanted) Shared Emotions

People and their emotions have an effect on you at all times.

Whether you are working in an office, sitting in a coffee house or visiting with friends, you’ll be impacted by other people’s positive or negative feelings.

Have you ever experienced how talking to someone who is upset can change your mood? Or, how the visit of a best friend can uplift an otherwise crummy day?

However invisible your emotions may be, you share them with the people around you. In the most radical situations, this can cause pain (stomach ache, head ache, cramps, etc.). In most cases, however, it shows up as a little interference similar to a radio channel that is not set to the right frequency. And while you can’t see the interference, your body will sense its impact.


Old Habits Die Hard: Self Coaching in Action

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Old Habits Die Hard: Self Coaching in Action

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” ~Abraham Maslow

Coaching yourself is quite different from working with a coach.

In self coaching a new degree of intensity and discipline is added to the process. The outside guide who keeps you focused and provides you with feedback is replaced with an inner guide. Self-awareness and the willingness to take an honest look at yourself are key in the self coaching process. (more…)

Inspire People With Your Words

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Inspire People With Your Words

We connect with people through words and often those words are misunderstood, argued with and judged.

If you learn to speak with appreciation and positive regard, eliminating criticism, pressure or blame from your language, you’ll be one of the few to reach people on a deep and intimate level.

To do this, you have to replace negativity with curiosity and adopt a communication style that creates harmony instead of discord. (more…)

Feeling Fed Up? Use Your Frustration to Motivate You.

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Feeling Fed Up? Use Your Frustration to Motivate You.

Having a rough time?

Not happy with the way things are going? Dreaming of a better planet and more pleasant human beings?

Here’s the deal: There’ll always be something in life to p*#@ you off. One way or another things will rub you the wrong way, disrupt the flow, disturb the harmony and trip you up.

Once you get rid of one source of frustration, another one will show up.

You can bet on it. It’s part of life. (more…)