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Revel in Your Life

Life is yummy and delicious if you let it be.  Tweet if you agree. All too often we interfere and meddle with something that is already quite wonderful. We try to improve what we have. We compare our accomplishments with those of others. We measure our life’s... read more

What Brings You Alive in 2015?

A simple strategy to help you align your plans and intentions for 2015 with your heart and with your soul.   If you haven’t had a chance to dream up your new year yet, here is a simple exercise to help you sort out what it is you desire in 2015. I actually... read more

The Truth About Lies

Lies don’t work.   We all know it and still, we keep using lies to avoid … what exactly? Are we afraid others won’t accept us if they find out who we are? Are we ashamed to admit our mistakes? Or, are we trying to protect people from the cold... read more

Breathe, Relax, and Give Thanks.

My daughter and I went to Michaels a few days ago to buy yarn. She has discovered the art of making crochet beanies and wants to give them away for Christmas. What was supposed to be a pleasant shopping experience turned into a major ordeal. The parking lot was... read more

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