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Healing Your Heart: The Power of Forgiveness.

Have you ever experienced the amazing effect of power and healing that comes with forgiveness? Your heart softens, your body relaxes, and your spirit lifts. Forgiveness propels you from a place of stress, anxiety, and anger toward ease, peace of mind, and... read more

The First Step in Finding Yourself: Stop Being You.

A big part of getting your life right starts with knowing your true self.   And that can be a challenging endeavor. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a breath-taking life style, find your ideal partner,  or figure out what lights your fire... read more

What Makes You Magnetic? 7 Tips to Nurture Your Essence.

My husband and I had dinner at a small European restaurant, sitting outside along the sidewalk and enjoying the wonderful warm summer evening. Next to us was an elderly couple with a baby in a stroller. The little one was happy and the grandparents enamored with her.... read more

Got Weaknesses? Here’s How to Turn Them Into Strengths.

Do you have quirks you wish you didn’t, weaknesses that are in your way of becoming your best self? Do you have an urge to take things apart, climb the biggest obstacles, interfere, or make inappropriate jokes? Have you been called a troublemaker, a loud-mouth,... read more

Want to Find Your True Voice? Listen to Inspiration.

In one of my previous posts I talked about life dreams – and how the vision for your future already exists within you. The same is true for your natural gifts and talents. They, too, are deeply entrenched in every part of your being. To find them, pay close... read more

How to Keep Life Electrifying: The Power of Curiostity

As a kid, did you spend hours in the ocean never once feeling cold or thinking that you should get out of the water? Or, did you roam the fields and streams in your neighborhood until it got dark; only to be surprised by how much time had passed? For kids, life is an... read more

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