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6 Steps to Follow Your Dream

19 Years Ago I Did Something Brave.   I packed up my Berlin apartment, sold my furniture, bought three suitcases, three airline tickets – and, on New Year’s Eve, I boarded a plane to Hawaii with my two little children. I was following my dream. It was... read more

The Time to Take a Risk is Now.

Do you buy into the illusion that doing something risky is easier when you have money in the bank, a secure job, a business plan, and a sponsor or client lined up for your project? I hate to disappoint you, but the right moment to take a risk or live your adventure... read more

Negative Thoughts. What to Do with Them?

We all get upset at times.   It pretty much is unavoidable. What we do with our resentment, however, will make the difference between getting over it quickly or fanning the flames.   3 Simple Ways to Manage Negative Thoughts   Be Vigilant Don’t... read more

Revel in Your Life

Life is yummy and delicious if you let it be.  Tweet if you agree. All too often we interfere and meddle with something that is already quite wonderful. We try to improve what we have. We compare our accomplishments with those of others. We measure our life’s... read more

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