Want to Find Your True Voice? Listen to Inspiration.

In one of my previous posts I talked about life dreams – and how the vision for your future already exists within you. The same is true for your natural gifts and talents. They, too, are deeply entrenched in every part of your being. To find them, pay close... read more

How to Keep Life Electrifying: The Power of Curiostity

As a kid, did you spend hours in the ocean never once feeling cold or thinking that you should get out of the water? Or, did you roam the fields and streams in your neighborhood until it got dark; only to be surprised by how much time had passed? For kids, life is an... read more

Want to Come Alive? Two Exercises to Help You.

In last week’s post I showed you a few initial steps to discover your passion. Today, I have two more exercises to help you light your fire – so you can identify your unique mission and integrate it into your life and career. Before we get started, let me... read more

Effective Ways to Outsmart Fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can stop you from reaching your goals, pursuing your visions, and living your dreams. In a recent interview with business coach Jackie Ulmer, I spoke about effective ways to get past fear that I want to share with you today (click here... read more

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