Want to Come Alive? Two Exercises to Help You.

In last week’s post I showed you a few initial steps to discover your passion. Today, I have two more exercises to help you light your fire – so you can identify your unique mission and integrate it into your life and career. Before we get started, let me... read more

Effective Ways to Outsmart Fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can stop you from reaching your goals, pursuing your visions, and living your dreams. In a recent interview with business coach Jackie Ulmer, I spoke about effective ways to get past fear that I want to share with you today (click here... read more

Are You Cut Out to Run Your Own Business?

Do you dream of venturing out on your own? Are you wondering if you have the guts to build a business and deal with the responsibilities and uncertainties that come with being an entrepreneur? Can you handle setting your own schedule, not having a regular income,... read more

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