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The Gift of Intimacy. How to Fall in Love With Yourself.

It’s a common truth about life: we need to love ourselves before we can love someone else. Or, the more we love ourselves the more we love other. Tricky, ins’t it? What if we are not sure about the love we have for ourselves? Can we still love others? What... read more

7 Tips for Positive Communication

Words have power. They impact the quality of our friendships, our ability to succeed, and our happiness. Often, we are unaware of how words influence our lives. Have you ever noticed how some people bring you alive during a conversation, while others leave you feeling... read more

Sometimes You Just Gotta Jump.

I remember the first time I jumped off a high dive.   It was a hot summer day in the 70s, I was stretched out on a towel at our local pool, eating ice-cream, and watching my friends jump off the diving board. They seemed to have a lot of fun and I admired their... read more

Fake it Till You Make It: Self Coaching in Action

Most things in life happen because you expect them to.   You assume to feel a certain way when you wake up in the morning – and most likely that’s what you’ll get. You anticipate a line at the post office when dropping off a letter and, voila,... read more

As You See the World, it Becomes

Have you ever seen the world through someone else’s eyes?   I have a friend who loves L.A. Whenever I drive through town with her, I experience a different kind city. The colors are brighter, the palm trees taller, and there is beauty everywhere. I like Los... read more

7 Signs You Haven’t Found Your True Voice

You were born with a gift. Your life has a purpose. You have a craft – an art – that’s intimately yours.  Call it your essence, your calling, or your inherent talent. Finding it can be a lifelong quest filled with trepidation, doubt, and fear –... read more

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