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In your heart, you know what you need to be happy. All you have to do is listen.

Karin Lehmann
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Revel in Your Life

Life is yummy and delicious if you let it be.  Tweet if you agree. All too often we interfere and meddle with something that is already quite wonderful. We try to improve what we have. We compare our accomplishments with those of others. We measure our life’s... read more

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I had never tried life coaching before and took a leap of faith. It has been a leap of faith that I will never regret. Working with Karin has been creatively inspiring and enlightening.

Emma Starzacher

London, Los Angeles, NY

I feel so fortunate that I discovered Karin Lehmann and I couldn’t be more pleased with what we created during our coaching sessions. I look forward to working with Karin again.

Michelle Theis

Los Angeles

I love my coaching experiences with Karin! She is a careful listener for your deepest needs and desires, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in search for what’s next.

Ruby Renshaw

Santa Fe