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When Pushing Hard Is Getting You Nowhere – It’s Time to Let GoWhen Pushing Hard Is Getting You Nowhere – It’s Time to Let Go

How I learned to trust my own voice.   Many years ago, when running my own business was still new, I found myself at a dead end. I had discovered what I loved doing and the money wasn't following. As a matter of fact, the harder I tried, the more it went away. I had lost my job, I was broke and I had two kids to feed. I told myself that ... Read the post »

7 Signs You Haven’t Found Your True Voice7 Signs You Haven’t Found Your True Voice

You are born special. You have a purpose. You have a craft - an art - that's intimately yours.  Call it your gift, your calling or your inherent talent. Finding it can be a lifelong quest filled with trepidation, doubt and fear - as well as enthusiasm, passion and wonder. Certain signs along the way will tell you whether or not you are ... Read the post »

How to Shake Off (Unwanted) Shared EmotionsHow to Shake Off (Unwanted) Shared Emotions

People and their emotions have an effect on you at all times. Whether you are working in an office, sitting in a coffee house or visiting with friends, you'll be impacted by other people's positive or negative feelings. Have you ever experienced how talking to someone who is upset can change your mood? Or, how the visit of a best friend can uplift an ... Read the post »