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My husband and I had dinner at a small European restaurant, sitting outside along the sidewalk and enjoying the wonderful warm summer evening.

Next to us was an elderly couple with a baby in a stroller. The little one was happy and the grandparents enamored with her.

During the course of the dinner I couldn’t help but observe the fascination this baby caused. Anyone passing the table, waiters, the maitre d’, guests as well as pedestrians stopped to look at her, smile and start all kinds of baby conversations. The grandparents readily answered any questions and people left the table cheerful and delighted.

Wow! Do you remember the last time you caused such a stir?

What made this baby so irresistible was her innocence and pure being. She wasn’t hiding behind opinions, judgment, or a fake image of herself. She just was – a bundle of love.

That’s who you are at the core; your true self is pure love and essence. It might be hidden under layers of ego and personality, but it’s there, nevertheless. You are born with it. It will never go away.

The more you embrace and nurture your true self, the more attractive and naturally magnetic you’ll become(Click to tweet) Just like the little baby.



Seven Tips to Nurture and Strengthen Your Essence:


1. Fiercely Pursue the Things That Make You Happy.

It’s easy to compromise on happiness and most of us do it every day. Just remember, every time you give in to things you don’t enjoy you lose some of your vitality. Instead, embrace and love everything you do, even the most common and minuscule tasks.


2. Find and Apply Your Gifts and Unique Qualities.

Understanding and applying your unique qualities is key in creating magnetic attraction. Have you ever met someone who truly loved what they were doing? It’s highly attractive; you can’t help but want to be a part of it.


3. Keep Creating New Challenges.

Boredom is a deadly habit. Once you get too comfortable you’ll lose your vitality. Keep creating new challenges, stay inspired, and don’t settle for the status quo.


4. Stay On Course.

Did you know that on average an airplane will be off course for 95% of its flight? Life, too, is full of distractions. Knowing yourself and living according to your own values will help you to stay on course and maintain your happiness.


5. Set Boundaries.

Avoid people who drain you and bring you down. Instead, invite them to be positive and enjoy life with you. The rest is up to them.


6. Stay Curious.

One of the qualities that make little kids so magnetic is curiosity. They wonder, they inquire, and they rarely get bored. Life will turn into an exciting adventure if you embrace it with a fresh perspective every day.


7. Celebrate Often.

Finally, remember to enjoy life to the fullest, have fun, and celebrate often.

As always, thank you for reading.



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Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc


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