I am behind with a lot of things. Our move took longer than expected, the internet wasn’t connected when promised and living out of a hotel room had taken its toll: Stuff got delayed, blog posts weren’t written, videos put on the back burner.

So, today was supposedly the day when things finally went back to normal. Just that they didn’t.

It had nothing to do with internet connectivity or a lack of time. It had to do with me and my enthusiasm. It wasn’t there. I could not get into it. Everything started to feel like a burden. I wrote a whole entire blog post that did not have one jota of inspiration in it. My energy was at a low and I felt like a failure.

What to do? I have been in situations like this before. It happens. Sometimes it’s good to plow on until the juices start to flow again and sometimes it’s time to call it quits. This is one of those days.

So, for today, I am firing myself. Go on a walk, get a cup of coffee, regroup and rethink. Wait until the love for what I do returns. Because it will. That, I can trust.

How about you? When was the last time you fired yourself?


Photo Source: Sylvia Neugebauer via Stck.xchng