“A smile is not the evidence of happiness; it is the cause of happiness.”


A few weeks ago a friend called me out of the blue.

“Karin,” he said, “I have the feeling you may not know this – do you remember the little session we did a few years ago? I never told you this but your input back then changed my life and my business in ways I would have never dreamed of.”

I had no idea. I had done a single coaching session with him and hadn’t spoken to him since. We both had gotten busy with our respective lives. L.A. can do that to you.

I was elated. These are the moments that make being a coach so much sweeter, testimony to the fact that your input and wisdom evoked a shift in someone’s life and had a lasting impact.

He told me that he had applied every single idea and every business tip I had shared with him and that it had changed his business in the most exhilarating ways.

“Do you remember,” he asked me, “how you told me to take my business to England?” I did. He was an Englishman living in Southern California and when we spoke, I got the urgent sense that for him connecting to his roots would not only expand his reach but add substance and heart-felt connections to his business – and to his life.

“It was something I couldn’t even imagine at the time,” he said. “My business wasn’t doing well and I was struggling to pay my mortgage, not to mention just taking off and going to England. Yet, I did it anyways. I set up some gigs, booked my ticket and off I went. It was pretty amazing because every time things worked out like magic. People booked me, they opened their homes to me and I made deep friendships and lasting business connections in the process. This year I even took my kids. It was fantastic.”

We kept talking and he told me that he was a regular reader of my blog and that my insights had often inspired him. I asked him what he would like to share with the other readers, the one thing that he had learned over the years and that could make a difference in someone else’s life. “You know what,” he responded, “write about the power of hello.”

“Commerce starts from friendship and a simple hello. Most people underestimate how much connecting with one person can add to your business.”

He told me that he had rented a booth at a trade show once. “We were a small operation in the back corner of the show,’ he said. “And nobody was paying much attention to us. So, I started to get out there and greet people. I simply smiled and said hello.”

“The effect was astounding. People stopped to talk and then they stepped into our booth and checked out our books. Pretty soon the word was out that we were the friendliest place in the entire show.”

“Making friendly connections has opened doors and expanded my business wherever I go.”

So, that’s my tip for you today. Don’t underestimate the power of hello. Friendships are essential, especially in our modern virtual world and will build a strong foundation for your business and for your life.

As always, thank you for reading.



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