“You always have a choice. It’s whether or not you are able to live with your choices is the question.” -Revenge, TV-Show

Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you just know you have to take it. It’s a decision you make in complete unison with your body, mind and soul. It’s as if the universe is aligning just for you.

And then there are times when you are not as sure, when too much thinking and considering is leaving you stuck and paralyzed.

How do you make the right decision? What clues can you trust? What signs do you follow? Should you listen to your heart telling you to stay in a relationship that is at times painful? Or should you listen to your head screaming to get the heck out?

What about intuition? Intuition always has your best interest at heart, doesn’t it? It’s a gut instinct that can tell you what choices to make. All too often, however, we become distracted by fear and doubt and we refuse to listen to intuition or we simply misinterpret it.

There is yet an alternative, more reliable way to make wise choices and it’s by listening to your body. When you can’t trust your head or your intuition, put your attention on your physical sensations. For example, are you getting butterflies in your stomach and an electric sensation up and down your spine thinking about leaving your job? Or is your heart getting heavy and your gut churning?

When it comes to making wise choices, your body persistently tells the truth. All you have to do is listen. Here’s how:


1. Think of a time you made a decision you later regretted. Vividly remember the moment you made that decision. What were you feeling in your body? Did your stomach tighten? Did your hands feel damp? Did your head hurt? Even small sensations are significant. Write them down.

2. Now, remember a time you said yes to something that turned out to be a great choice. How did you feel physically when you made this choice? How were your body sensations different this time? Record your memories.

The sensations of a wise or unwise decision will have a specific body truth. Focus on these sensations until you can tell them apart.

Now think of a decision you have to make —what dress to wear to work today, whether or not to move to a new city, leave your job, and so forth. Sense which choice your body wants to make. Is it thinking about it cheering you up, opening your heart and putting a smile on your face? Or are you feeling tense, pressured and uneasy?

When you are making a decision that’s in line with your truth, your whole body knows. The fog vanishes, the mood lifts. If you are making a move into the wrong direction, the universe will align against you. You’ll get stuck, sad, or angry.

Ultimately, making wise choices is about aligning your heart with your body, mind and soul.

What’s your experience? Have you made decisions that you later regretted – or, that changed your life in the right direction? You can share your experience on my Facebook page or in the comment section below.

If you are having trouble making the right decision, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here. I’d love to help.

As always, thank you for reading.



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Photo Source: Pink Sherbet Photography under a Creative Commons License