Finding Love In Action


One of my girlfriends is back on the dating scene. After years of marriage, a painful break up followed by a nasty divorce, she is giving love another try.

“Dating in L.A. is tough”, she told me. “I am in my 40s. Most of the girls out there are in their 20s or early 30s with gorgeous features, beautiful bodies – sporting hot pants and scantily tops – why would anybody pick me? These girls have anything a man could want.”


What is it about a woman that makes a man fall in love? While looks are nice and certainly important, it’s not all there is. If a man is looking for more than a short-term fling, if he is looking for romance and a woman to fall in love with, he will pay attention to how he feels when he is around her. Is this a woman who makes him feel good about himself? Is she kind and interested in him? Can he trust her to accept him for who he is?

If a man is looking for a long-term relationship he is looking for a partner, a team mate. Someone he can rely on and risk his life for, a woman who has his interest at heart and is happy with herself.

Here are the good news: If you love your life and are generous with your affection, finding a great man will not be that hard. Being beautiful on the inside will beat outer looks any time.

If you don’t like your life, you have your work cut out for yourself. Make your happiness a priority and explore the secrets to your heart and soul. While this can be scary it will ultimately be a very rewarding experience: The quest to finding your dream life.

If you have questions or need to sort things out for yourself, send me a note, I’d love to help.

To your best life,



Photo Source: Alubavin via Flickr under a Creative Commons License