We connect with people through words and often those words are misunderstood, argued with and judged.

If you learn to speak with appreciation and positive regard, eliminating criticism, pressure or blame from your language, you’ll be one of the few to reach people on a deep and intimate level.

To do this, you have to replace negativity with curiosity and adopt a communication style that creates harmony instead of discord.

If you do, your life will change dramatically. You will make lifelong allies – instead of adversaries -, create collaborative environments and infuse your surroundings with affection and love.

Below, I’ll share with you seven ways of using your language to inspire people. To demonstrate the difference, I’ll also list seven negative counterparts.


7 Ways to Inspire Others With Your Words


1. Listen

Most people are consumed with their own thoughts. If you are the one who truly pays attention, listening from a place of deep interest, you’ll make others feel great about themselves and create lasting connections.

The negative communication equivalent is disinterest and apathy. It’s a level of resignation and an ‘I know all the answers’ attitude that alienates you from others.


2. Admire

Focus on what’s amazing about people; how are they special, what’s their innovation? Everyone loves to be admired. Once you find something to adore in others, you’ll start to feel better about yourself.

The negative pattern is skepticism ~ “Oh, yeah, what’s so great about you?”


3. Encourage

Encouragement makes people strong and inspires them to be their best selves; it builds self esteem and gives them the feeling they can do anything.

The negative counterpart is criticism, which, no matter how constructive, will leave people deflated.


4. Accept

Approaching people without judgment and accepting them for who they are creates instant respect. If you practice kindness when communing with others you’ll make people happy.

The opposite pattern is judgement and blame, which makes people sad.


5. Cooperate

Being open to collaboration is a great way to include others. Most people will expect you to be competitive. If you offer cooperation instead you’ll make friends and form solid partnerships.

The negative pattern is aggression, using competition and pressure to get your way. This makes people resent you.


6. Have Fun

Humor is a great communication tool. When you use playfulness and passion with people they’ll instantly relax, forget their worries and want to be around you.

Using bragging or seduction to impress others, however, makes people tired and disinterested.


7. Be Honest

Use courageous action and honesty when communicating with others. This creates trust and strong loyalty in the people you are with.

If, on the other hand, you use intimidation and domination to get your way, you’ll instill fear in people.


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